Our Story

Founded by entrepreneur, Patty Gale, Fear.less Girl Nation is a lifestyle brand for every woman and girl who wants to be heard.

Growing up in a time when 'children should be seen and not heard', it took decades of battling the struggles to find and use her voice in the three biggest areas of her life...relationships, finances and her career. 2017 was the tipping point, when she discovered long-time girlfriends who were secretly dealing with similar struggles.

Says Patty, "When I confided into close girlfriends about what I was going through, I was shocked to learn there were so many women going through similar circumstances, yet who felt completely alone with no one to talk with.

When I started telling my stories, they started opening up and I could see and feel immediate relief from them. They just needed someone to go first.

Why? It was embarrassing, degrading and humiliating to openly talk about financial disasters, marriages falling apart and careers by default just to pay the bills.

While I looked like the strong, independent woman on the outside, I was a total mess on the inside and so were the women I talked with. I was anything but fearless. AND... what was I modeling for my daughter?"

After lots of soul-searching and conversations with those very same girlfriends and getting lots of resounding "YES's! You absolutely HAVE to do this, girl!"  Patty knew the time for Fear.less Girl Nation had come. And here we are.

Now that you know our story, it's time to find out about our mission.