The Fear.less Girl Nation Mission

So, what is Fear.less Girl Nation? We are a lifestyle brand for every woman and girl who wants to be heard.

Our goal? To create nations of women and girls who support each other and the generations of girls behind us in order to capture the power of our collective voices to live, love and create fear.lessly. Fear.less = fearless and fearing less.

Our mission? To help women and girls in crisis move from crisis to flourish and to see the end of human trafficking once and for all. How will we accomplish this? A percentage of our profits directly support organizations helping women and girls in crisis.

Here's why: 

92% of homeless mothers have experienced severe physical and/or sexual abuse during their lifetime.

Every day, women across the world and across all socioeconomic status fight for their dignity and self worth.

And in the United States, nearly 40,000 people (mostly women & children) are victims of sex trafficking and forced labor at any given time.  
Source - Shriver Report